The Ekyirefi Foundation

‘Making Ghana better through service to God, and educating the underprivileged girl-child


The Ekyirefi Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a vision towards promoting and supporting girl-child education in Ghana to degree levels. It was founded by a staunch Catholic Christian believer who has faithfully served the Catholic Church as a member and a Philanthropist for 40 plus years.  In his life, as a Student, a Tutor, a Professional Accountant, an Entrepreneur, a Director, and a Philanthropist, he has witnessed a minority representation of women in all spheres of life and leadership. As a dedication and support to women in the family setting, local communities, town and city development and nation building, therefore, The Ekyirefi Foundation was born. The Ekyirefi Foundation aims ultimately, to make motherland Ghana a better place for our girl-children and women through enhanced education.

As a revered honour, and a spirit-led endearment to the Catholic faith, there is also a special revolving supportive package by the Foundation to the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast.

The foundation is governed by a nine-member team of senior and energetic middle-aged citizens who represent various areas of the foundation’s vision, mission and interests. God leads the way.

Service to God

For our service to God, and corporate social responsibility to our dear nation, the Foundation supports the training and formation of Catholic priests.


Help to the needy towards higher education

  • We provide help to the needy no matter the program or field of study in the university. You can count on us so long as you meet our criteria.

Enhancing female education

  • Education is said to be the right of every child and our priority is to ensure that as many qualified girl-children within our ‘operation areas’ are provided with financial support.

Mindful of service to God

  • The Foundation also exists to assist the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast financially, in the training and formation of priests.

Why girl-child education

We strongly believe in the wise old adage that ‘when you educate a man, you educate an individual; and when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. Hence, the Foundation’s zeal towards female education.

We Are On Course

Financial support for a girl-child towards higher education

Dedication to God by supporting the Catholic Church in the training and formation of priests.

For any further inquires or information, please do get in touch

Working towards female higher education to make better mothers, and for nation building and entrepreneurship.

Please feel able to contact us with any general matters of interest.

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